Which Sofa Fabric is Best?

There’s nothing better than at the end of the day, kicking off your shoes and settling into a cosy couch that is comfy and classy.

The sofas at House of Bling can be customised to allow you to choose which fabric you would like your sofa to come in (within reason). 

Before we can choose the best sofa fabric from our extensive range, we must understand what is available and what the qualities of each of these fabrics are. Take a look at the 2 top fabrics for our sofas;

French Soft Velvet

At House of Bling our most popular sofa fabric is French Soft Velvet:

It’s often assumed that velvet is hard to maintain, however, it’s quite a durable fabric which can last years if cared for correctly. The pile can get misshapen but often returns to its normal state after a while, a bit of steam can encourage this along also.

Making sure to mop up any spills straight away should help you avoid any stains. And use the handheld part of your hoover on your sofa when you are doing the floors and it will keep it clean and dirt free.


Our Naples fabric is soft to the touch and quite a hardwearing fabric. It’s a classic and timeless velvet also. The main characteristic of this fabric is that it is woven in two-tone which makes it appear cleaner for longer.

It’s the perfect fabric for high traffic areas and can be cleaned and maintained easily.

And what about colour?

 All our fabrics come in a range of colours. We had sofas, beds, footstools, you name it – everything was grey. But we seemed to have calmed since then and now we can see the trend moving towards neutrals; beiges, creams, stone colours.

To help with keeping your sofa clean all the cushion covers are removable. Our sofas are foam filled so they will hold their shape for much longer. It can also help support your body and will remain quite firm.

You can purchase fabric samples from our website or order your sofa today. Use code HOB10 for 10% discount.

House of Bling Furniture offer a bespoke sofa making service as well as boasting a huge selection of sofas in stock. Buy now from their website: https://houseofbling.furniture/collections/sofas

A sofa to match your needs.