What Bed is Bigger Than A King?

When you are choosing a new bed one thing to consider is what size will be best. But what sizes are there? At House of Bling we are one of very few local bed makers to offer beds up to an Emperor size. And yes… you can have a bespoke Emperor bed too!

To help you choose, here’s a guide to the UK Matress sizes available within the UK;

Standard Mattress Size

Width by Length, metric (cm)

Width by Length, imperial

Small single






Small double









Super king




215 x 215



It’s helpful to know when each size will work best;

Small Single: Perfect for a child’s first bed.

Single: Ideal for a lone sleeper eg childs room or young adults room.

Small Double: Good for a guest room. Fits 2 sleepers but gives extra space

Double: A popular size for couples or lone sleepers wanted a bit of extra space

King: A great choice if you have a bit of extra room

Super King: Ideal for a Master bedroom or suite this gives huge comfort and extra size.

Emperor: The biggest size in the UK – Perfect if you want luxury, style and ultimate comfort & space.


There are some things to consider when purchasing your bed:


  1. How heavy do you sleep?

If you bed share, then you’ll know that each other’s sleeping patterns often affect the other. If you tend to be a light sleeper you may prefer a bigger bed with more space to help you sleep more soundly. House of Bling are only of the only local suppliers of the Emperor size bed – you’ll definitely find plenty of space to sleep comfortably at night!


  1. How do you dress your bed?

It’s true that the bigger the bed, the bigger the duvet needed. Will you find the right bed clothes to dress your bed? Luckily at House of Bling we can provide you with the full package of duvet sets plus all your plush cushions and bed spreads.


  1. Is it easy to build?

Most beds are easy to put together – once you know how. But, we also offer you an assembly service so all you need to do is show us where it goes and we can take care of the rest. 

  1. What are the characteristics of each mattress type?
  • Memory Foam supports and protects the pressure points of your body. Once you move the pressure is relieved and the memory foam returns to its normal shape.
  • Pocket Sprung mattresses supports the body with each individual spring rather than across the surface of the whole mattress. You’ll tend to have a more peaceful nights sleep without any feeling of rolling or into your partner.
  • Orthopaedic is perfect if you have back issues. It will provide the ultimate support and is generally purchased by older customers.


So now you have all the information needed to pick the perfect bed and mattress – have a look at our vast range of designs and buy online or contact us to book your delivery! Buy our Beds here.