Ways to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room

How many times have we wished we never had to move out of a luxury hotel bedroom during our holidays? Considering that may not be the wisest way to spend money, why not make your home feel like a hotel? 

In most houses, guest bedrooms are an afterthought when it comes to their design, theme, and aesthetic. However, a luxury guest bedroom can earn you a great first impression that will last for a lifetime. Luxury is often believed to be expensive, but even in the most subtle ways, your guest bedroom can have luxury written all over it. 

Remember that, while most people forget the things they see in a hotel bedroom, they will certainly remember how they felt. This is the most important pointer to remind yourself when designing a luxury guest bedroom. However, let’s delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of things that turn your otherwise ordinary room into a hotel-like bedroom.

Revamping: Guest Room Ideas

Have you ever wondered why even comparatively cheaper hotel bedrooms have a certain character to them? Is it minimalism, or the smell of fresh white sheets? Perhaps, it is every tiny little detail that draws the guest into a luxurious mood. For designing the perfect guest bedroom, consider the following points:

  1. First impressions: The Welcome Note

    First impressions are often difficult to forget. Even though this qualifies as one of the ethics of welcoming a guest into your home, it is an essential part of creating the ultimate luxurious experience. A warm welcome will already set the tone for the experience that will follow. Fresh flowers, a warm cup of tea in winter, or a cold drink such as fresh orange juice would sufficiently serve this purpose. Secondly, personalized welcome notes and complimentary sweets will also lead them in the right direction.

  2. Little goes a long way

    Guest bedrooms that follow a strict theme, a bright colour palette, and cramped up pieces of decoration in every nook and corner of the room do not only look tacky but are also disturbing to the eye of any newcomer. One way to incorporate a luxury experience is to make guests feel like they are comfortable in their space. It is important to make them feel at home because only then will they be able to fully engage themselves in the experience. A non-neutral theme in the guest bedroom will often become counterintuitive. At House of Bling, you can find a minimal black pearl glass lamp that can accentuate the bedside area while walls can be decorated with minimal 3D Art Prints that do not take away too much from the overall theme of the room.

  3. Storage Space

    There can be no better way to feel at home than hanging out your clothes and keeping the suitcases away. Luxury resonates from hotel bedrooms that give attention to storage spaces. It goes without saying that a sleek dresser and polished cupboards will only add to this experience. Emphasizing a similar idea discussed above but from the perspective of space, luxury hotel bedrooms will always work toward keeping side spaces, dresser tops, and tables free of too many decorative pieces. This leaves out space for the guest to use. The more the guest utilizes the space, the more it will add to his experience.

  4. A modern eye for the furniture

    Sticking to an overall modern style furniture style is the easiest way to go about giving the perfect luxury aesthetic to the room. Modern style combines functionality with originality and rarely conflicts with anyone's idea of style. While the bed frame should align with this concept, it is important to make the bed like a hotel. Nothing screams luxury like two layers of bedding covered with a duvet cover and the softest pillows. Another great addition to the room would be mirrors. A room without a full-length mirror is missing out on a great opportunity of making it luxurious for the guest. Windsor Large mirror or Atlanta white full-length mirror at House of Bling are great options for such.

  5. More cents for the scents

    Good fragrance automatically feels like a luxury. Somehow, our brains are wired to associate a good smell with cleanliness. The luxury hotel bedrooms that maintain cleanliness do so only to revamp the experience of the guest. Something similar should be kept in mind when guest bedrooms are built at home. Fresh toiletries, bedsheets, and shining floors are only a few things through which guests could pick on the cleanliness and maintenance of the room. Additionally, a scented candle can be added to the room if the guests would want to enjoy that. Remember to always leave that choice to the guests.

  6. Fabric is important

    The crisp sheets with velvet cushions and the softest duvet are some of the essentials that you should not compromise on when it comes to transforming your guest bedroom. The fabric of the furniture alone has the power to stand out and radiate luxury. This may be one of the more expensive investments, but this attention to detail is worth every penny. The richness of the fabric can also be extended to the curtains. Layered curtains with greater length give the illusion of a high roof, creating an overall impression that the bedroom structure is original and aesthete.

  7. Don’t put the idea of rugs under the rug

    One of the easiest ways to give a complete look to your hotel bedroom at home is through the addition of rugs. Soft rugs often cost more than those that feel like walking on thorns which is why they automatically give a luxurious feel only through the visuals.

Summarizing the Key points:

Once you keep the logic behind choosing each piece to go in your hotel bedroom, there is little room for error. Most people overdo the styling when they are either unsure about the mood board, or too fixated on their preference hence the major takeaway is to keep the visual clutter to a minimum, and focus on creating a clean style with streamlined accessories that create a balance between your style and knowing when to stop.

Following this guide to the letter can help you turn your guest bedroom into a hotel bedroom and guarantees you to create a lasting impression on your guests, or experience luxury at home by yourself. Visit House of Bling for more tips and tricks to add luxury to your home.