Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Comfiest Cinema Sofas

Planning to build a cinema in one of the rooms of your own house? Although this sounds like a superfluous addition, it is a great investment in the longer run, especially if you and the members in your own house are movie enthusiasts. This is because building a cinema room will curtail the cost and time of travelling and buying tickets while standing in long queues or waiting for an appropriate showtime to book it online. There is nothing that comes close to enjoying the cinematic experience in the comfort of your home, with your loved ones and friends. Much like any other room, cinema rooms cannot be built without a proper plan in place. It follows that the more accurate experience you would want to create the greater precision you would have to show in every detail. Building a gym room requires careful deliberation of the flooring, walls, and instruments while a makeup/shooting room would need to have great lighting. Similarly, cinema rooms primarily demand an investment in the best cinema sofas and a planned-out approach for their placements. The seating for cinema is treated as an afterthought by many individuals who have set out to build a home cinema. This is a peccadillo in the world of cinema because the sofa for watching movies is the place you would spend the most time on while you are in the cinema room. Hence, attention to detail including the fabric of the cinema sofas, their sizes, placements, and style must be a key component of your planning Keep in mind the following four pointers before selecting and buying the cinema sofa for your dream cinema room.

  1. COLOR

    The color of the cinema sofas is the first thing that you would decide on prior to your search. This is perhaps one of the most frequent mistakes because individuals often get inclined towards bright colors when they first think of a cinema. This holds true for a proper cinema that is built in a huge space, but in smaller spaces like a room, colors like red can reflect onto the cinema screen and influence the picture quality. Hence, for a home cinema sofa, neutral colors are the best choice. At house of bling, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your cinema sofas but be careful to not make them too distracting. Remember: the major focus will remain on the screens, but the home theater sofa should bolster that experience.


    Sofas for cinema rooms can benefit a lot from the type of fabric you choose for them. This might not hold true for the other rooms in your house, but the fabric of the cinema sofas can direct your whole experience. Consider that you or others will be sitting on the home cinema sofa for an average duration of one to two hours. Since the duration is so long, anything uncomfortable would have a stronger impact on the person.

    There are a few things to consider and remember before choosing the perfect fabric. While leather is a great choice for sofas for cinema rooms, they can look unpleasing to the eye and also reflect sound if most seats are empty. However, since these rooms will have to be maintained by you, leathers are easier to clean off any spills and last longer because they are durable. Nevertheless, the fabrics like velvet can guarantee you a luxurious experience that leather cannot.


    While the size of the home cinema sofa is predicated on the size of the room, the style should always follow comfort. When choosing the home theater sofa, it is important to remind yourself that quantity may affect the quality of your cinematic experience. If your room is small, fewer cinema sofas will be a much better approach than cramming it with sofas end to end. This will ultimately reduce the screen view and even impact the acoustics of the room. Alternatively, a bench with additional seating could be added to the room if you have more people coming. The idea is to keep the room minimalistic yet functional. Secondly, the style of the cinema sofas should align with the general colour palette of the room. It is not advised to set a dramatic or loud theme for your theatre room since it can be distracting and also difficult to maintain hence neutral sofas and an elegant theme is the best way forward.


    Since every room is different and every individual has an aesthetic that they want to follow, cinema sofas always require customizations. Sometimes, a sofa style may be just the perfect pick, but the size would not work with the room's dimensions, and other times, everything but the fabric is close to your dream sofa. While keeping the above pointers in mind, the best home cinema sofa is the one that you like the most. At House of Bling, you can request our design team to pay a visit to your house and take the necessary measurements to build your customized cinema sofas. Hence, choosing between a U-shaped cinema sofa, or a 2-seater cinema sofa will greatly vary with the size and proportions of the room and the personal choice of the customer. In conclusion, contrary to what most people think, selecting the best home cinema sofa requires some research and thought. However, finalizing the selection once you are mindful of what works best for you is not difficult, especially when you have a wide range of options to choose from, at House of Bling. You can add your favourite footstools with the cinema sofas of your choice, and choose from different styles that are designed while keeping comfort as the first priority. Our goal is to minimize any friction between buying your cinema sofa and your ultimate movie night experience at your home. It is time to let go of your uncomfortable lounge sofas, and invest in cinema sofas.