Tips to Make Your Wooden Garden Sofa Last Longer In Winters

wooden garden sofa

Winter is coming our way in full swing; as the temperature will be dropping drastically and most of us will be spending our time inside it is essential to make sure that your wooden garden sofa or furniture will be protected to get through the cold weather.

However, trust us, your garden furniture needs more attention, and the failure to adequately protect your furniture from the weather will result in shortening the lifespan of outdoor furniture.

Now the question is, how can one protect their outdoor furniture from winter? Well, the answer to this question can vary as every piece of furniture has different requirements.

In this article, we will be sharing insight about the different strategies that you can use to protect your garden furniture from the harshness of icy winters.

  1. Wash Your Sofa

    The very first step to protecting your wooden garden sofa in winter is to ensure that they are all clean. When we talk about cleaning, we suggest that you use a lint-free cloth, such as a duster for wiping over the top.

    You may also want to take a look into purchasing a small brush from the shop that can give you a helping hand in removing any crumbs or dust that may have been left behind in the tiny crevices and nooks of the furniture. It is essential to ensure that your wooden garden chairs or furniture are completely dried before you store them away to prevent any type of rotting.

  2. Standard Wooden Garden Sofa Care

    Treating your garden furniture, whether it's a corner outdoor sofa or a 3-seater, is an important part of protecting it from the harshness of winter. Once you are done washing your garden furniture, it is now time that you give wood treatment to it.

    This step takes moderately longer than other steps however you cannot skip this part as it is essential in ensuring the protection of your wooden garden furniture:

    • Before you treat any wooden furniture make sure that the surface is clean and lightly sanded – do not forget to brush away any dust afterward. 
    • Apply the first coat of oil using a natural-bristle brush, painting it in the same direction as the grain, stir the oil before applying to avoid any colour variations. 
    • Apply the second coat of oil, but we would strongly suggest that you wait for at least an hour allowing the first layer to dry. 
    • The treated furniture will be ready to use again in forty-eight hours, and it will also be protected for another year.

  3. Furniture Preservation

    The last and final step to protect the wooden furniture of your garden, like your wooden garden chairs, is to get some well-fitted protective covers, getting these covers is arguably the most important step. When we talk about covering your outdoor furniture, we mean winter covers and not simply covering them with heavy objects or in tarpaulin – even though we all might be guilty of doing that at some point.

    Protective covers are specifically important if you have recently invested in new wooden garden sofas and chairs that you intend to last a long time. Perfectly fitted furniture covers make sure that your beautiful garden furniture of yours is preserved in fine condition, something that the other type of covers can’t offer.

    We would highly suggest that you buy protective covers at the time of purchasing the furniture so that you have the dimensions available at hand.

  4. Bring the Furniture Indoor

    If you are lucky enough to have an empty or extra garage/storage space in your house then we would strongly recommend opting for this solution. Storing your furniture indoors can make it easier for you as it will be inside and safe from all the rainy storms and snow.

Wrap Up!

During winter even the premium wooden garden furniture can get destroyed, but treating them well before the winter strikes can save you a lot of time as well as dollars. You can shop for high-quality 3-seater garden sofas from our official website.