Tips to Revamp Your Vintage Mirrors Into Modern Gold Mirrors

revamp your vintage mirrors Into modern gold mirrors

Before you throw out your antique mirror, think about how you can revamp it into a trendy gold mirror that will give a new look to your room. These colored mirrors are trending these days, but they can get costly. However, you can effortlessly DIY your old mirror into a breathtaking gold mirrored look. 

You do not have to be a DIY expert to give a modernized makeover to your vantage mirror.  Let us show you how! In this article, we will be sharing some details that will help in the makeover.

Supplies That Will Help You DIY

For DIYing your vintage mirror into a modern gold mirror you will be needing a bunch of different supplies that will help you through this procedure. The supplies that you will need are a mini screwdriver, drill, painter’s tape, gold spray, sandpaper, newspaper or drop cloth, and lastly An old mirror (you can use the one you already own, or you can easily find one for cheap at thrift stores). You can easily find all these items in a convenience store near your house.

How To Transform An Old Mirror Into A Breathtaking Gold Mirror

You can easily follow these DIY steps to create a one-of-a-kind personalized gold mirrored frame that will elevate the look of your space. 

Whether it is a gold mirror tray or a gold dressing table mirror – gold color has the power of elevating the look of any room.


You have to begin by giving your old mirror a good cleaning, make sure that you have removed all the dust or dirt so that the paint can adhere properly. 

Separate it from the frame

Flip your mirror on the back side and check if the mirror can be separated from the mirror frame. If yes then, by using a mini screwdriver, unscrew the back and precisely remove the mirror from the frame – but if it doesn't then use painter's tape to cover the mirror so that paint does not reside on the mirror.

Sand the Edges

Sand any rough edges of the mirror frame using sandpaper. But be careful while sanding – you can leave a mark on the frame of sandpaper if you do it too aggressively. 

Apply Spray

It is now time to spray paint the old mirror frame – after painting, leave the mirror to dry. 

You’re Good to Go!

Now you can hang your one-of-a-kind gold mirror. 

Our milano gold large mirror can easily elevate the look of your room — whether you decide to hang it on the wall or decide to place it on the floor, it is the perfect gold mirror for any room.

Tips For Hanging Mirrors

The tips given below make mirror hanging easy for you: 

  • First thing first, you need to pick a right-sized mirror for your space. A too small mirror can make things miniaturized while on the other hand, an extra large mirror can overwhelm the space.
  • Decide on where to place the mirror. Do you want to hang it over a console table or a dresser? Or do you want the mirror to be the focal point of the room? 
  • Ensure that the mirror is secured accurately. You can use wall anchors if required. 
  • Hang your mirror at the proper height – a good rule while hanging the mirror is to align it at eye level.

How To Decorate With A Gold Mirror

With these ideas in mind, get creative and enjoy decorating with mirrors of all types and kinds! 

  • Hang a large mirror between two windows
  • Use a floor mirror at the end of your hallway 
  • Position mirrors opposite the windows so that they can reflect light
  •  You can also hang a mirror in the dining room with a console
  • Create different layers of gold mirrors for an unexpected look
  • Handing two tall gold mirrors above each sink can easily open up a cramped, small bathroom
  • Use different frames as vintage gold frames to have a gallery wall of mirrors 
  • Hang a long mirror vertically as an exciting backsplash idea 
  • Several tiny mirrors can be hung for creating a trendy backdrop for the home bar area.

It Is A Wrap!

Mirrors tend to make your room appear ten times more appealing. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can effortlessly transform your old and dull mirror into a trendy and jaw-dropping gold mirror. If you’re looking for high-quality mirrors to revamp your space, visit the House of Bling Mirror Category.