The Pros and Cons of an Emperor-Sized Bed

Emperor size bed

Choosing a bed is a thoughtful process and the decision should be taken wisely as it can have an effect on your physical and mental health since your bed’s level of comfort will be responsible for your sleep patterns. Further, the more space you have in your bed to move about without waking up your spouse or them waking you up, the better your sleep will be. You should get the largest bed, like an emperor-sized bed, you can afford if you share your bed with a partner, kid, or potentially even a pet.

Everybody has heard of king-size and super-king beds, but emperor-size beds are still not as common. It is the lesser-known kind of bed that provides great comfort. Let’s learn all about emperor-size beds and the pros and cons of having them.

What Size is an Emperor Bed?

An emperor bed is designed to suit a mattress that is 7 feet by 7 feet (215 x 215 cm) in size, which is the biggest size available. This bed size is roomier and more comfortable than the conventional king-size beds since Emperors are placed over Kings in a hierarchy.

Emperor beds are the peak of luxury since they provide the maximum sleeping space, allowing everyone to unwind and sleep comfortably. It goes without saying that choosing the best emperor-size bed is the most critical aspect when creating your fantasy luxury bedroom. This bed size is perfect for a restful night's sleep and will leave a major impression in any bedroom.

Pros of Emperor Size Bed

Besides being a luxury to have at your place, there are several advantages of an emperor bed which are as follows:


An emperor bed's size is, of course, its largest advantage. The gigantic emperor mattress provides the ultimate comfort to everybody, no matter how large or tiny they are. You are free to move about without having to worry about interrupting your partner or going off the edge. And the best part is that you can stretch out without worrying about overheating.


The additional expense pays for a variety of ground-breaking design elements that will keep your bed looking brand-new for many years to come. Emperor-size beds are ultimately a financial investment. In the long run, changing your frame won't cost you time or money if you pay attention to the small elements now.

Restless Sleepers

This makes it fantastic for those who have a hard time staying asleep and regularly toss and turn at night. The average individual will shift roughly 40 times during the night, and even the smallest motions might wake up light sleepers. This sized bed will be especially appreciated by light sleepers who share a bed with restless partners since it will provide the necessary peace for them to have a good night's sleep. They'll surely get considerably better sleep than they would on a king-size or even super-king-size mattress.

A Luxury Touch

The pinnacle of luxury for your bedroom is an emperor bed. Because of its size, the imposing look makes a focal point that may be adorned with plush imperial bedding and cushy pillows.

Cons of Emperor Size Bed

While the size has numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks as well which are listed as follows:

The Size

Your bedroom will appear crowded and messy if you don't have enough room for its size. Another one is how to bring it upstairs or how to bring it in through your door. Ever try carrying a regular bed up the stairs? It's difficult enough on its own, let alone with an extra-long frame. Measure your stairs before getting an emperor-size bed, so you can come up with a strategy. However, if you require assistance, contact any furniture moving specialists to make the procedure go more smoothly.

The Price

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to putting a bed properly in your bedroom. The widely used conventional double often works quite well for a couple to sleep peacefully together. This may be the reason why couples prefer the traditional double bed so much. Additionally, they are less expensive than the emperor beds that are offered.

Making The Bed

It's usually a pain to make the bed with new sheets, but with an emperor-size bed, it could be a little trickier. But you may simply get through this by asking your spouse or kids to lend help.

All factors, including who will be sleeping in the bed, the size of the room, and your budget, will determine whether you can get by with a conventional double, a King Size, or an Emperor Size bed. However, if your room space, budget, and requirements align with the features of an Emperor Bed, the additional space guarantees a restful night's sleep that will leave you refreshed for tomorrow's tasks. Additionally, it can be a wonderful addition to your house decoration.

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