Luxury Furniture: The Right Way to Make the Best Choice

Learn what qualifies as luxury furniture by following this simple guide and turn your living spaces into an experience that is second to none

What is Luxury Furniture?

Most people think luxury is equivalent to high cost, but the term is very relative. However, as a general rule, most expensive things might not always radiate luxury, but luxury will always sell at a higher price point. Greater cost price comprises not only the aesthetic and the ‘feel good’ aspect but also durability and demand of the product. Is luxury always worth the price? Well, if you shop at House of Bling, it certainly is.

Luxury furniture guarantees a unique aesthetic and aims to deliver specific styles. Have you ever wondered why you always end up picking the most expensive of the choices available to you? Perhaps because you have a great sense of style. 

The attention to detail may not be visible to everyone, but when luxury furniture sits next to its mediocre counterpart, the differences become appreciable. While it is true that luxury would and should elevate user experience through tweaking their sense of elegance and comfort, true luxury sells on the idea of durability. At the end of the day, high-end furniture is a long-term investment since you will certainly be saving on the cost of repairs, and frequent replacements. Hence, if you were worried about that price tag, it is time to reconsider.

Let’s now look at some key elements to keep in mind when you are shopping for a luxury sofa set or perhaps luxury bedroom furniture. This simple guide will help you look beyond the apparent and ascertain that you bring a high-end furniture piece into your house and feel proud of it.Keeping the ‘Conventional’ Alive

  1. Keeping the ‘Conventional’ Alive

    On the hunt for a luxury sofa set? Keep an eye on the basic structure of the design. It is always difficult to match the class of an antique piece as newer designs dominate the market. The idea is to make furniture more functional and functional furniture more accessible. However, there is little thought put into the quality of such furniture. Consequently, luxury goes out the window. As a rule of thumb, luxury furniture does not follow the herd. If you’ve found something different from what most of your friends have, you’re most likely looking for something luxurious.

  2. What am I made of?

    High-end furniture can never have the best frame quality but a cheap looking and feeling fabric. One of the key points in luxury furniture is how it makes the consumer feel about it. A luxury velvet fabric on a luxury sofa set feels royal and looks rich from a distance. This is not just true to what is apparent, but high-end furniture also uses high quality foam to increase longevity and comfort. If you are on the search for a good luxury bedroom furniture or sofa set, make sure to not fall for only the apparent. At House of Bling, we have over 10 luxury fabrics to choose from. Below are a few examples of velvet and the range of colours available to satisfy your dream theme.

  3. Versatility Screams Luxury

    If you have always wondered why luxury furniture is so expensive and the apparent “pros” do not seem to satisfy you, the other factor to consider is the amount of thought that goes into its designing. A Luxury bedroom set will not only have a great interior and exterior but also some sort of functional element that promises to enhance your experience. One such example is of the TV beds at House of Bling. Luxury sofa sets may include a recliner, cinema sofa sets will have a design that bolsters comfort, extending tables will save up space and storage ideas will be incorporated in high-end furniture. Hence, the smart mechanism behind the design may also help you identify furniture as luxury since the same liberty is not granted to the basic furniture builders.

  4. The Finishing sets me apart 

    Those who have an eye for luxury furniture can instantly tell them apart from cheap knock offs. The secret is in the finishing. Luxury furniture will be built with meticulousness and care. This shows in every corner of your luxury bedroom furniture. A chipped end, and a faded polish are some major giveaways of bad quality furniture. Why does it still sell? Nobody wants to pay even a comparable sum to get an ugly looking furniture, but the truth is, most of us ignore the details and focus on the bigger picture. Therefore, keep an eye out on the corners, edges and bottoms, to confirm if what you are investing in is indeed luxury furniture.

  5. I can look the way you want me to

    Furniture that has to cater to a wide range of public in a smaller cost do not have the margin to entertain customizations. This is only possible when time is invested and everything is made from scratch to meet a customer’s desired aesthetic. Moreover, the customization aspect in Luxury furniture gives a creative liberty to the customer. This way, their luxury sofa set will have their personal touch to it, and no one else can possibly have the same furniture. Alternatively, one may follow the designer’s vision but add their own image to it to create a whole new piece. The point is, your process to buy luxury furniture will always be accommodating. You will be paying for functionality, design, durability and comfort. If you are tired of throwing away your furniture every two years because they gave up on you, luxury furniture will sort your miseries.