Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

Since the start of the global pandemic, we’ve been spending more time at home. Now that our lives are more home-bound than before, it drives a strong desire to turn our home space into making us feel emotionally at ease.

Interior design can create energy and bring a certain vibe to our surroundings. The styles we incorporate must create a serene space where we can spend most of our time in peace. When it comes to interior designing, there is no hard and fast rule. It is about what you like and what resonates with your style. 

Knowing about the latest trends can help you expand your awareness of what’s out there and opens your mind to new ideas. The year 2022 trends are about getting comfortable, bringing the outdoors in, and being bold with your styles. It’s about experimenting and finding inspiration from designs of past decades.

Let us look at what’s trending in 2022, and how can we revamp our interiors for an improved look.

  1. Curved Furniture

    2022 has seen continued trends of rounded and curved-shaped furniture that includes curved backs on a chair, sloped arms on sofas, and curved, ancient pieces. A curved look gives a safe, friendly, nostalgic and welcoming feel. Softer shapes and angles will be a big trend in 2022. Curves add style and personality to your space. They create a sense of softness and femininity. In the coming years, the curved architectural element will gain even more popularity. So, curves in your interiors will keep your style updated for a long time.

  2. Shades of Brown

    Neutrals are taking a backseat this year, and people are ready to experiment with colors. Shades of chocolate brown, caramel, and earthy tones are returning in 2022. Brown is a versatile color and can be apt for any theme. These earthy tones open an array of possibilities for your home. Hues of chocolate give off a warm feeling while making your style stand out. Caramel and chocolate are the hottest shade of this season.

  3. Bold Colours and Patterns

    Vibrant colours and boldly patterned fabrics are trending this year. Dull and muted colours are taken away by bright, joyful colours to lighten up your rooms, as well as, your mood. Wallpapers with strong patterns and textures are being used. And if you have neutral backgrounds, then you can add playful accents like throw pillows, wall art, or a rug to add a burst of colour and life to your space. This is the year to be creative, and mix and match colours, and patterns to make your home shine.

  4. Smart Homes

    Technology is reaching heights of advancements and is becoming part of home designs too. Homeowners today are looking for convenience. A smart home will involve controlling the operations of all your appliances and gadgets like television, music systems, light, curtains, self-shading windows, induction cook tops or heated flooring, and a lot more, with a click of a smartphone. This is the rage of the year 2022 as the world leans more and more toward smart living. The world of your home is now waiting for your verbal instructions to get the task done.

  5. Nature Inspired Interior

    Green gives a serene feel, and with its connection to nature, green can be cosy, comforting, vibrant, and refreshing. Green hues for the walls can be versatile, and there are many shades of green to suit all tastes.

    The uncertainty of the pandemic has given rise to reconnecting with the natural, outside world. Bringing in-house plants, natural materials, and natural lighting is being embraced by homeowners this year. Organic materials are used as decorative objects. They add depth while mimicking the calming ambiance of the outdoors. The plants will not only complement your warm browns but will also purify the air.

  6. Mindful Space

    The importance of mental health is doing rounds, resulting in a need to design a home space that caters to our mental well-being. So, we enjoy a quality and healthy time at our home. Keeping décor natural and organic with light wood, clean lines, and the floating surface can set the tone for Zen living. Home is our space to recharge and find peace. Home with meditation rooms, healing zones, and intentional spaces are trending in 2022.


Home is our sanctuary, and its interior is the visual soul that builds an image of our space. Interiors with having an aesthetic pleasure, in addition to Zen elements to produce calming effects, and an additional touch of technology can truly transform your living place. A place that is a source of peace, comfort, and convenience after a long day can have you craving to stay indoors.