Ideas to Style a Mirrored Bedside Table

Mirrored Bedside Table

When designing a bedside table there is a lot of art that goes in. And too much, too simple, or ingenuously the wrong mix and match of accessories are easy mistakes one can make. Still, once you have discovered the perfect balance of decorating the pieces with your bedside table then the results will speak for themselves. 

With that being said, perfectly styling a mirrored bedside table can make your room look way more sophisticated and modern. Mirrored furniture has been showing up in the modern interior more often recently.  Arranged rightly, they can give you a lot of possible arrangement ideas and when they are skilfully designed within the interior, they can elevate your room or even add a chic element. 

Well, no more wondering because we will be taking you through how to style mirrored bedside tables so that they can look amazing. And of course, they will be reflecting you in the most wonderful way.

  1. Side tables are not twins

    This is the key rule of designing, which is why we have placed it first. While styling bedside, so many people feel it is necessary to make them look like mirror images of one another. But in reality, your bedside tables are supposed to be connected, not twins. 

    You have to style them in such a way that are tied together, and they look similar, but not the same. This rule is implemented on all types of bedsides whether you are styling a wooden bedside table or a mirrored bedside table.

    Do not forget about this rule!

  2. Allow The Lamps To Be The Uniting Element

    Now that we have given you the key rule of designing, we will be styling the bedsides as a look-alike, not twins – now you have to pick a decorating piece that will link them and a lamp is an obvious choice. 

    Mirrored bedsides with different lamp pieces make them look very odd, which is why to pick sizeable table lamps that will connect the two side tables visually and will make them look way more appealing. 

  3. Have a Theme to Style Mirrored Bedside Tables

    While you figure out how you will be styling the bedside lamps, you have to keep the theme of your house in mind. The decoration that you choose to place on your bedside table should reflect the comprehensive style that you have going on in your house. 

    It is not visually appealing if the interior of your house is in a gorgeous blue and white theme and then all of a sudden there is a pop of random bright red ornament. You do not want that to happen– which is why having to keep the theme of your house in your mind while styling is really important.

  4. The Bigger Bedside Equals Bigger Decor

    If you are one of those lucky people who have a big bedroom with large mirrored bedside drawers, then the lamps and other decor items need to reflect that scale. 

    Here is how you can find out why bigger bedside equals bigger decor – place some small decor pieces on your big bedside table, and you can see right away how miniaturized they look. Certainly the same goes for large objects on a small-sized bedside. 

    For instance, if you can only fit one bedside lamp on your table and there is no space for any other decor pieces, then probably the base of the lamp is too big. 

  5. A Mix Of Materials, Shapes, And Colours Is Important

    When you are styling bedside tables, you are required to keep variety in mind. For example, if the base of your picked lamp is cylindrical then go for decor pieces that have clean lines. You can even pop a small fancy jewellery box beside the lamp – or you can place a frame that is square beside it. 

    Little Tip: If you can’t think of any other decor pieces, you can always have floral – you can never go wrong with that.

Wrap Up!

The process of styling can get quite complicated as you have to keep a lot of factors in mind. Mirror furniture adds an eye-catching element to your room only if they have been styled properly. Having not styled bedside table can make your room look unfinished – decorating them alters the focal point of the room! 

Happy Decorating!