Ideas to Set Up a Sofa in the Bedroom

Having extra seating for bedrooms of all sizes is vital to make the space feel relaxed and comfortable. We should like a private room in our home for more than just sleeping. Adding a sofa makes space for reading, napping, or watching TV.

There are a ton of options for making a sitting area in our room. To make a room sofa structure plan, we'll have to consider our fundamentals, the size, and design of our home, whether we can utilize existing home goods, and different viewpoints. 

Ideas to Set Up a Sofa in the Bedroom

Add a Sofa Against the Opposite Wall

Add a Sofa Against the Opposite Wall - House of Bling

If your bed faces an unfilled wall, adding a room couch confronting your bed on the side of the room is an amazing choice. Putting a sofa against the wall or in the corner would make for a decent choice as well. Adding a small table and lamp will make this an ideal spot to relax and read a book at the end of a tiring day. 

Close to a Window for sunlight

Close to a Window for sunlight - House of bling

If you’re someone who loves the occasional sun rays in the morning, then place a sofa near your windows for a better feel. Not only will this give you a space to sit in the sun, it’ll also be a great place to sit with guests and have some comfy conversations over a cup of tea. 

Under a Large Painting

sofa set under a large painting - House of Bling

Does your room have a large painting in a relatively emptier space? Then you can easily fill that space up by placing a 3-seater sofa underneath the painting for a more complete look to fulfil your bedroom aesthetics.

Place e Sofa Alongside the Bed

placing e sofa alongside the bed - house of bling

Placing a sofa or couch close to your bed makes for a great way to add more seating space to your room. A stool at the end of your bed can also provide more leg room if you’re on the taller spectrum. Moreover, you could also invest in a stool-cum-storage boot that provides you with a sitting option as well as an added storage space right at the foot of your bed, where you can store your extra comforters and shoes, etc. 

Similar to the Flooring

sofa colours similar to the flooring - house of bling

If you have ample space in the room to place a sofa but are unsure of what kind of sofa you need, then get something that complements your flooring. E.g. a white sofa will do wonders when placed in a room with wooden flooring, etc. This will further enhance your space without being too hard on the eyes.

Make a Vintage Wall

place a vintage sofa close to that wall

Does your room have a wall you want to add emphasis to? Then place a vintage sofa close to that wall for it to become the main point of attraction in your bedroom where people’s eyes automatically sway when they enter. 

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

Even though being much better than their past complements, sofa beds are still different from your regular beds 

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to extend the life of your sofa bed, as well as make it more contented. 

  • Use a good-quality cushion
  • Sofa cushions can take a secondary role
  • Use a mattress topper
  • Clean the mattress and topper every month
  • Flip the mattress frequently
  • Change the mattress when it’s worn out
  • Consider the color of your room and bedding
  • Select a suitable fabric for your bed.

These are our suggestions for how you can set up a sofa in your bedroom. Feel free to visit  House of Bling for all your decor needs.