Ideas for Your Living Room Shelves Decor

ideas for living room shelves decor

Your home is where you come to relax after a long day, and the interior of your house plays an essential role in helping you unwind. However, while decorating a home, especially the living room, the biggest concern of anyone is to have enough storage without making it look messy.

In this situation, living room shelves come to your rescue; they can provide you with the right amount of storage space as well as aesthetics, only if they are decorated in the right way. 

Practically we all need our living room shelves to be stored, but what we do not know is that they can also provide beautiful design features. Follow the ideas in this article to get the perfect balance between style and function, we have also some biggest concerns that you might come across while decorating a living room shelving unit.

Question 01: What Should I Put On Shelves For Decor?

This is the first question that comes to our mind whenever we decorate a wall displaying shelving. The answer to that question is pretty simple all you have to do is think about the finest vases, pottery, and ornaments along with some personal items such as art, polaroids, pictures, and prints. The wall shelves should be occupied with items that spark good memories that you cherish. 

For many interior designers, books are a must-have as a piece of decoration as they can bring a lived-in look and are amazing starting pointing for including structure to a wall displaying shelving. You can either arrange them traditionally or you can stack them horizontally, using them as a podium for smaller decor items. 

Moreover, do not forget that greenery and plants add life to the modern wall shelf designs, so make sure you make room for them if you are willing to add the sense of outdoor to your shelves. 

Lastly, whichever decoration pieces you choose – while styling shelves, make sure to blend the depths and heights of objects.

Question 02: How Can You Fill Empty Shelves?

Are you confused about how will you fill the empty shelves? Well, having to decorate an empty shelf can be daunting, you shall begin by assessing the space and by asking yourself a question
How many shelves are there in total and do they have different heights and widths? This is where you start and by asking this question you will get a good idea of potential objects, sizes, and shapes you might want to use. 

After doing this, your next step is to gather all the accessories, objects, and personal collectibles you are willing to feature. You can get as creative as you want this way you will have variations of sizes, shapes, and textures as well. We can name a few decorative objects that you can feature on your shelves books, vases, flowers, plants, picture frames, and boxes. Do not forget to select different textures, shapes, and sizes to bring interest and rhythm to the display.

Now that we have answered the questions you might have while decorating your living Room Shelves– it is now time to provide you with the tips you need for acing the decorating of your shelves.

Tip Number One: Stick To One Colour Palette

Well, here is your number one solution that will help you to take the first step of decorating your living room shelving unit. If you can not come up with any shelves decorating ideas – try to stick with one selected theme. This can assist you to create a consistent look making the shelf visually appealing. 

You can decorate by colour or by decorative material or style – but you will have to ensure that the end product looks interconnected other than having a different vibe on every shelf. The other thing that you want to keep in your mind is not to get too caught up with symmetry, and you also want to avoid matched designs. You can achieve better results only if you create an impression that the collection has grown naturally, you want your shelves to look like a home and not a showroom.

Tip Number Two: Style In Odd Numbers

An interior designing tip that most designers swear by is to style your shelves, bedside tables, or counsels in odd numbers. Let us elaborate it for you, when you are grouping items on shelves, try to style them in odd numbers. By doing so, you will create a more visually pleasing and balanced look. Always group in threes or fives – these odd numbers helps in adding balance and are much pleasing for the eyes.

Tip Number Three: Channel Your Inner Librarian

If you are a bookworm and own tons of books, it is then essential for you to allocate space to store them. The sorted arrangement will not only make it seamless for you to find a particular book, but it will also ensure to make your book collection appears more captivating.

Tip Number Four: Create A Memory Shelf

Having family photos and other meaningful objects as decorative items sparks happy moments that you had with your loved ones. A memory shelf in your living room is amazing to forget about any worries that you bought at home as one look at it will make you relive your happy moments with your family and friends. 

You can decorate gin shu metal shelf - gold gilt leaf at the corner of your living room or bedroom with your memorable moments and always look at it and feel grateful for your loved ones. 

Sum Up!

Decorating living room shelves can get overwhelming in the beginning, but with the right research and decorative items, you can create a very breathtaking shelf that will be providing you with enough storage.