A Guide to Getting the Best Modern Bedside Table from House of Bling

Even though we know that the bed is an essential piece of furniture for a bedroom, a modern bedside table can help you transform your bedroom into a more functional and elegant space. Having a side table in the bedroom is an easy way to organize everything in your space while keeping the essentials nearby at night.

Apart from the design of your bed, your modern bedside table can determine what the complete look of your bedroom will be. Your preference for the nightstand and how you decorate it beside your bed can make a lot of difference in your room's environment. While purchasing a bedside table certain features are overlooked by many, but we at House Of Bling will assist you in finding the best match for your bedroom.

Things To Look For While Buying Bedside Table

  1. Colour Of Bedside Table

    Bedside table colors

    If you are planning on spending on a nightstand then make sure that it is worth showing off. If you pick a white bedside table that is exactly the same colour as your walls then your furniture will be too subtle. Rather, try blending it with your surrounding. Look for colours that will complement them. For example, look for colours that are either a few shades lighter or darker than your walls. This will give your bedroom a hint of colour without dominating your space.

  2. Storage Space Of Night Stand Table

    Night stand table storage

    A modern bedside table with multiple drawers is another one of the most useful features of the nightstand, and probably the most crucial as well. You might want to consider how much room you will be needing for your nighttime essentials.

    Modern bedside tables such as glass bedside tables at House Of Bling are designed with perfection to match your requirements; elevating the look of your bedroom.

  3. Material Of Bedside Table

    Bedside table material

    The material that is used in the construction of your nightstand has a significant impact on its quality, style, and durability. Modern-styled night stand such as black bedside table benefits your bedroom with polished glass or metal embellishment; a modern nightstand adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bedroom.

  4. Reliability Of Nightstand Table

    Durability does have importance when it comes to purchasing bedside tables for your bedroom, as they aren’t changeable daily.

Types Of Modern Bedside Tables

There are several types of bedsides depending on their style, material, and design:

  • Bedside Cabinets

    Bedside cabinets

    Bedside cabinets are very much like chests as they provide a lot of storage space. These cabinets might have a drawer or two and the flat surface of the bedside cabinet is slightly above the mattress. The diego bedside cabinet on our website is a one-of-a-kind bedside cabinet that has been designed using high-quality wood and will be incredibly elegant in any space.

  • Bedside Chests

    Bedside chest

    Bedside chests also known as chests of drawers often have two or three drawers, which makes them very useful for storing a lot of things. They are different from the basic dresser or chest of drawers primarily in height. The top of the chest is at the same level or a few inches higher than your mattress.

  • Bedside Tables

    Bedside tables

    Bedside tables are little about storage and so much more about aesthetics. They might have one or two drawers, but their focus is the base and the tabletop. It might also be safe to say that tables are more about their top surface rather than their compartments.


While purchasing the modern bedside table you need to consider your style, so that you can add a personalized touch to your bedroom. Also, do not forget to measure the dimensions of the nightstand in order to avoid any space issues. 

Happy furniture shopping with House Of Bling.