Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Marble Dining Table

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Being the most used furniture piece, dining tables belong to the clan of must-have furniture at home. Your home is a visual representation of your personality. Hence, it is essential to ensure that this important piece of furniture is creating an impact. You don’t have to purchase the same old designs that are used by every other person. Go for marble dining to add extra dynamism to your house. 

Marble dining tables aren’t just classy, but they are also very sophisticated and stylish. These tables can be the showstopper of all your parties and add a hint of luxury to the overall feel of the room as well. 

You can seamlessly find marble dining tables that are paired with steel, iron, wood, or even glass – the choices are numerous. Nowadays, marble dining is available in various styles. Whether you want minimal, simple, old-fashioned, or contemporary, there is always a table that will match the theme of your dining space.

What Marble Is Made From

Marble is an analogous mark – it is formed when limestone is subjected to both heat and pressure due to metamorphism. 

Marble is generally made of the mineral calcite (CaCO3), it might also contain other minerals. 

Commonly found minerals in marble are:

  • Graphite 
  • Iron Oxides 
  • Pyrite 
  • Micas 
  • Quartz 
  • Clay Minerals

Due to these minerals, marble is very robust. As a matter of fact, if they are taken care of thoroughly, then marble can outlast every piece of furniture you own. Furthermore, natural elements aka stones such as marble do not go through a chemical process. This is why they don’t produce any toxic waste, nor do they contribute to any discharge of harmful gases. 

Since marble is exclusive and comes in a variety of natural colors, it will never go out of style. These pieces always go with everything and effortlessly complement any house. Also, marble dining tables won't harm mother nature, but they will surely look luxurious.

How To Choose Marble Furniture

While talking about marble tabletop, most people instantly envision a creamy or white stone. In reality, there are actually tons of options available. Other colours include:

  • Gold 
  • Red 
  • Black 
  • Grey
  • Green

Nevertheless, don’t expose any citrus product to the table these acid etching will leave a whitish mark that will be more noticeable on the coloured marble as compared to white ones.

Black is known as the KING of color, and it never fails to amaze us with its beauty whether it is in fashion or furniture – for instance, the black marble buxford table is definitely going to give your dining space to a luxurious and royal look.

  1. Size Options

    Whether you are shopping for a marble desk or a marble dining table – determine the size by working on graph paper. Before heading to the market or ordering online, ensure to take measurements of your room, so you know the exact size to purchase. 

    Check out the Zara marble dining table for a versatile marble option that will elevate the look of your space.

  2.  Take Function and Style Into Consideration

    Before you make that purchase, take your decoration requirements into consideration. For instance, a round table paired up with an oval coffee table will fit perfectly in the formal living room. 

    For a contemporary look, you can easily look for a marble table in a rectangular shape. The straight-lined and simple legs of modernized tables are ideal for adding that voguish look.

    Once you have decided on which style suits your space, you can then determine what size of marble table you want to picture in your dining space.

  3. Consider The Emblem

    While investing in marble tabletops, most people forget that they might not own a mixed bag of furniture. You probably have settled on a specific theme that best represents your lifestyle. 

    Modern dining tables now come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Those who prefer a contemporary look can look for a marble table that has straight edges paired with bold colour swirls. Those who are looking for a vintage table can find tables that exemplify various styles of all ages from Victorian to contemporary to art deco.  Therefore, you can easily choose from a bunch of styles to fit your interior decor aesthetic

Types Of Marble

There are different types of marbles that are particularly used to make tabletops. Each one of them comes with its own vein pattern, colour, and grain.

  • Emperador

    It is quarried in Spain. Emperador is distinctively brown and has fine veining as its main feature. This marble comes in two grades, standard and first. Standard grade features have extra variations along, and more white calcite is noticeable. The first grade is uniform in colour and only a small amount of white calcite is visible.

  • Travertine

    Technically speaking, travertine is not marble. Similarly, like marble, it starts off as limestone. It is then metamorphized into something entirely new. This travertine looks finest in its natural matte finish, while marble looks best with polished ends. It comes in warm colours varying from white to walnut brown.

  • Calacatta

    This marble comes from the same Tuscan region as Carrara. It has similar looks as Carrara, but Calacatta is a brighter shade of white. The veining on it is also larger than compared to Carrara.

It’s A Wrap!

Finding the perfect piece of furniture might be a tough job, but it isn't impossible– you just need to keep a couple of things in mind such as the theme of your room, the size of the furniture, and the ongoing trends. Once you get a hold of these factors, you are good to go.