The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Emperor Beds

A good bed is a bargain at any price as it can provide comfort when you need it most. People lay down on their beds usually for rest so what good is a bed if it cannot fulfil its purpose? It is hard to compromise on your comfort. That said, one way to add comfort and style to your life is to opt for emperor beds.

Whoever said size doesn’t matter wasn’t aware of emperor beds. Emperor beds are a spitting image of class and comfort. We have compiled a guide for choosing emperor beds.

What Are Emperor Beds?

You may have heard about-king sized beds and queen-sized beds but beds that beat them both in size are emperor beds. Emperor beds are the biggest beds available in the United Kingdom. The astonishing size of these beds can fill most of the space in your room. Some emperor beds can measure up to 7x7 feet. If that doesn’t amaze you, nothing else will.

Beds are the most noticeable thing in a bedroom so select a bed that leaves everyone in awe. These can be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Guide to Choosing Emperor Beds

Emperor beds are something you would want to add to your bedroom right after laying eyes on them. The temptation can be such, but there are a few things you should consider before choosing emperor beds. Here is a list to help you choose the right emperor bed for you:

Size Of The Room

Since emperor beds are gigantic, they will take up a lot of space in the room. When going for these beds, you should consider the size of your room. These beds do add class to your room, but you don’t want to end up with the bed occupying all the space. Select a room large enough to accommodate the bed along with all other accessories.

Getting The Bed In The House

Another thing you should check is the size of your doors or the staircase; if your bedroom is on the upper floor of the house. You don’t want to end up with the delivery guys at your doorstep thinking of ways to get the luxury beds to your room. Make sure you have a pathway to get the bed to its place without a scratch.

Mattress Selection

A bed with extraordinary size would require an extraordinary mattress so be prepared to get one along with your super emperor bed. Getting the right mattresses is as important as getting the right bed. It wouldn’t be fair to our luxury emperor bed if you get a normal mattress for it. If you are going for classy decoration then go all the way. You can check out these classy mattresses to add to your emperor beds. You can find different sizes and a large variety of mattresses available.

Our collection of emperor beds at the house of bling is a treat for the eyes and heaven for the body. The only problem you might have with our collection is which one to choose and which one to leave. Such is our focus on quality and service.

Coming to the main concern of choosing the emperor beds. We can help you select wisely with the introduction to some of our best-selling collections.

The Classy Look

If you want to make your room a spitting image of class you have a choice to make from a good collection. These beds can add comfort to your daily routines and make you sleep like a baby. You can check out these recommended beds:

Premium Choice For Couples

It may sound odd to couples, but the reality is that everybody likes to have extra space, especially in their resting place. Emperor beds can provide you with that extra space to spread your legs and arms to the full potential and enjoy your sleep to the fullest. If you want to let your pets hop on the bed, there is enough space for them too. You can roll over and toss or keep your laptops with you without the need to worry about space.

For Individuals That Love More Space

A lot of people love extra-spacious beds to sleep comfortably on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need the right kind of bed for the right experience! You can choose the Curved Chelsea wing or the Empire bed in Emperor size for some extra space.


People with back problems can sometimes require back support to sit. They might have to sit in certain positions for longer durations, so it is important to have comfortable back support. The Royal Janie bed in Emperor size and Chelsea wing in Emperor size could be some better choices for this issue. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and embrace the comfortable material against your back for your sitting postures.

For Singles

The enormous size of the emperor beds does not make them specific for any people. You don’t have to be married to consider getting these beds. The comforts are for people of all ages and sizes regardless of their marital status. So if you are single, you can choose the Diamond wing bed in Emperor size or the  Indianna bed in Emperor size for your bedroom. Don’t hesitate to choose your comfort above everything else.

Emperor Tv Bed

If you watch TV frequently you can go for an emperor TV bed. It is kind of a relief to have a TV by your bed. You can enjoy movie nights with friends and family where several people can be accommodated on your emperor bed. You can also enjoy solitude with your comfy bed all to yourself.

This brings us to the end of our guide to choosing emperor beds. Requirements can vary from person to person, so it is important to know what you want. Besides our suggested emperor beds, there are a plethora of beds that you can select from. Emperor beds can be the perfect last stop for your day to dwell in a night of comfortable sleep, so have your pick and add sparkle to your home decoration.
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