A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your Personal Luxury Bed

What are Luxury Beds?

Luxury beds are just ordinary beds that made the wise decision of being versatile and dancing to their own tune. Ultimately, all beds serve the same purpose. Why spend on a luxury bed when you can sleep on your ordinary bed? You are right. Beds are designed for sleeping but what luxury beds offer is not just sleep, but comfort and an experience that only the right fabric, style, and design can provide. The most expensive bed in the world is all about the promise of providing a “floating” sleeping experience that can be personalized.  

If you have an aesthetic, luxury beds can match it and if you believe in long-term investing, you have come to the right place. We want you to know all about Luxury beds, and we hope this article will serve as your ultimate bed buying guide for the future. 

How important are Luxury Beds?

Buying luxury beds makes perfect sense when you think of it this way; A good night’s sleep can steer the rest of your day’s direction and your health in the long run. Imagine waking up with a backache because your mattress has now got too old, or is not the right support for your back? Luxury beds keep the consumer’s comfort at the forefront of their design. Moreover, from fabric to style, luxury beds generally provide an experience of a five-star hotel but in your home. Nevertheless, if you are content with how your bed makes you feel, you already own a ‘luxury’ bed. After all, luxury does not always have to come at a cost. Sometimes, an ordinary bed can be transformed into a luxury bed by only making the right choices. Let’s look at the key elements which you must keep in mind before, and while buying a luxury bed.

  1. Room Size

    It goes without saying that a perfect recipe for disaster is going furniture shopping without a plan. Planning is a prerequisite to most tasks and once its importance is established, you must understand just how crucial it is to correctly measure the room size and plan the placement of the bed. The room size decides the size of the bed and even though one room may be able to fit some or all sizes of the bed range available at House of Bling, the elegance will be greatly compromised if a small bed is placed in a big room or a big bed takes half of the floor space of a room. Hence, the size and structure of the room will decide which size of bed you will be buying.

  2. Bed Size

    As discussed above, the bed size will be decided during the planning phase. The size of the room and the look that you are going for will reveal the best bed size. At House of Bling, we offer up to six different sizes of bed which may differ by a few centimetres according to the bed style. The following bed size guide will help you decide on which luxury bed you should take home:

    Bed Size

    Measurements (Length x width, cm)


    211 x 90

    Small Double

    211 x 125


    211 x 140


    216 x 155

    Super king

    216 x 186


    215 x 215

    In some designs, the dimensions of the bed will vary. For example, the newest addition to Luxury Beds at House of Bling, Chelsea Wing Divan measures 203 cm long and 162 cm wide in the King Size. Moreover, there are three options to choose from for the headboard height of most beds; 54, 60, and 72 inches. You can make the final call while keeping in mind your aesthetic, the number of people meant to sleep on it, and the size that best compliments your room space.

  3. Bed Style and Design

    Bed style is the most crucial part of the bed buying guide because it has the power to make or break your room. It is important to decide the overall theme and style for the room before you buy the bed unless you want to buy the bed first and then align the theme with it. Nevertheless, luxury beds will cater to any style from Modern to Bohemian and incorporate all materials as their frames including but not limited to wood, stainless steel or brass. At House of Bling, you may also find mirrored beds that are trendy and contemporary.

    • Headboards

      In the context of headboards, you may have three options depending on the type of bed you choose. These headboards may be upholstered, extended, or oversized. Our Epping Bed is one example of an extended headboard that extends all the way to the side tables on each end. The oversized headboard of Brick Lane Metal Trim Bed or Luxor Bed screams luxury with the former’s panelled pieces creating a brick effect on the wall with a sleek metal frame and both are available in nine colours for the metal frame. The headboards come in different shapes depending on the bed ranging from the simple and popular rectangular/square finish like the Royal Chelsea TV bed to Belgariva Bed with Cut out headboards.

    • Fabric

      Luxury Beds are defined by one or multiple unique features. Bold colours, greater functionality, unique style, and rich fabric are a few aspects of beds that are luxury. At House of Bling, we offer a wide range of fabrics including Chenille, crushed velvet, marble velvet, and luxury velvet that can make any bed look like it is straight out of a five-star hotel. Never underestimate how much the right fabric can elevate the bed style.

    • Bed Base

      At House of Bling, we offer multiple bed base options. Some beds may have Divan bed bases with up to four drawers while other bed bases include a standard slatted base and a solid base. In case, you want to save up space or have additional space, an Ottoman Storage Gas Lift bed base can also be built for your unique Luxury Bed. It all comes down to how you want to customize your bed, which is one of the pros of buying luxury beds at House of Bling.

  4. Mattress

    Lastly, but most importantly, if you already own a mattress, it is essential that your bed size aligns with it, but if you are getting everything new, the mattress is the sole factor in deciding the extent to which you will be enjoying your sleep on your luxury bed. We have a wide range of mattresses to choose from at House of Bling. Remember the key: Mattress matters.