The Elegance of a Crushed-Diamond Fireplace

crushed diamond fireplace

A warm welcome when you come home on these cold days is only offered by a fireplace. There is no other feeling greater than snuggling in your fuzzy blanket in front of a crushed diamond fireplace. A fireplace can add a lot to the space they are installed in, they have the power to elevate the ambiance and warmth of any room whether it is the living room or your bedroom. 

In this article, we will provide you with complete insight into how you can use the fireplace to make your room one-of-a-kind.

Different elegant styles of fireplace

When it comes to designing a modern house it is impossible to keep one definition going on, as it can be different relying on one's preferences and choices. In consequence, modern fireplaces are built to easily fit in with every type of contemporary design is a plus point, as you can be certain that you can find the one that fits your aesthetics. 

We have short-listed a few elegant styles:

  1. Crushed-Diamond Fireplace style

    Crushed-diamond fireplaces are known for their captivating designs that can easily swoon you away. This type of fireplace can easily upsurge the entire look of your room by adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. 

    These fireplaces are perfect for you if the theme of your house is more into a crystal or white color scheme. 

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  2. Classic Style

    If you are lucky enough who lives in a house that is vintage and has a fireplace that has been there for a long period and still functions perfectly, then do not touch it! However, if you want to emulate the classic style and go for unique fireplace decor, then you can look for alternatives such as getting an imitation marble fireplace style or even a glass fireplace. 

    But still, we wouldn't recommend you as everything that mimics the past can be off a bad copy. We would suggest that you keep the “real” classic fireplace and avoid looking for alternatives. 

  3. Contemporary Style

    Modern fireplaces can seamlessly adapt to any space and are a perfect choice for any modern house. It is designed with straight and balanced lines – allowing you to enhance the look of your living space.

    How can someone ever go wrong with breathtaking fireplaces? Whether it is a black tiered crushed diamond fireplace or carrera contemporary fireplace shop the best fireplaces in the UK. 

Possible energy systems in your fireplace along with their advantages and disadvantages

There are different ways of heating a fireplace – electrically, by wood burning, through gas, or by using bioethanol.

Electric fireplaces are usually the ones that are solely used for the purpose of decoration. They neither give heat nor are an actual fireplace. Electric fireplaces look like a video being played on TV, and we do not like that. 

Wood-burning fireplaces are the ones that last a lifetime and provide the most warmth among any other type of fireplace. But it requires a chimney and also a place to store firewood– you also need to be precise as you do not want to set your house on fire. It is known as a classic fireplace, but you will have to keep up with a lot of pros and cons that include cleaning as well. 

Gas fireplaces work with the same gas as the kitchen. Hence, you need to install gas in your house – many new houses do not have it. And to install gas in your modern house you will need a skilled technician. However, in gas fireplaces, flames are the same but not the crackling fire. 

Lastly, bioethanol fireplaces do not require any chimney, which makes the installation easy. Also, the fire placing is real. Most importantly, it is ecological – bioethanol is formed from the fermentation of carbohydrates. Because of these many advantages, bioethanol is normally seen in luxury hotels and mountain resorts. 


Fireplaces not only make your room more welcoming and cosy during the winter, but it also pulls together the entire look of the room. You can easily use them to make your living room perfect for chilly nights.

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