Different Sofa Styles for Your Living Room

A sofa is the centre of an intricate web that is a home that tends to become every house’s focal point. Beds are too private and swings and outdoor pieces of furniture are too open. Hence, sofas present the ideal piece of decor to portray the impression that you want. It also best represents the dynamics of your house. A sofa at a bachelor’s house tends to be different from the one that’s found in a family of five. Not just the sofa, but the sofa style is also important

An array of factors combine to form the decision of the kind of sofa to buy. For instance, social setting, cost, size, colour, occasion, and residence. All of this and more needs to be considered when deciding on a purchase. However, at the end of the day, different sofa styles and designs are made to cater to different people. An ideal sofa takes care of the owner, family, and friends in any instance where a bed or chair won’t cut it.  

To this end, House of Bling houses a wide variety of different styles of sofa sets. We attempt to satisfy all customers. 

Traditional vs Contemporary

There is a difference between a contemporary and traditional sofa set. 

Traditionally, sofa sets were a luxury only the nobility could afford. The generous use of wood with heavy, intricate carvings awed royalty and made it a popular piece of decor. 

Conversely, contemporary sofas use a wide number of elements in their work. The urban appeal of these products is their versatility. It also strives to be aesthetically pleasing. Its relatively low cost is also what makes it popular. 

Different Style Of Sofa Sets

The term “Sofa Sets” has become vaguer over time. From its well-defined description at the beginning to the arbitrary term today. Sofa sets have evolved rapidly. Some examples would be modular sofas, futons, recliners, etc. This shows how different sofa sets today have become. 

  • Armrests: Different types of sofas have different armrests. The most simple of them is the Classic Round Arm. Its plain design has stood the test of time. It still remains popular in some quarters. The round and hard wedge arm sofas are a couple more examples.
Sofa with armrests
  • Backrest: Another way to identify the different sofa styles is their back designs. When a backrest is at level with the armrest, then it's called a Tuxedo Sofa. Deriving its name from the tuxedo parties where they were popular, their presence was one equal to the most charming host you could meet.

    Having said that, more popular today is the high-back sofa design. Unlike the Tuxedo Sofas, the high back is not level with the armrest. Its many qualities make it a valuable purchase. Camelback, Round Back, and Wingback are just some examples of different backrests.
Sofa with backrest

Different Types Of Sofa

  • Chesterfield:Lord Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl Of Chesterfield, left an everlasting mark when he commissioned a piece of furniture for his guests. Defined by its elegance, a Chesterfield has remained popular since the 18th century. Its deep buttoning allows people to sit comfortably without wrinkling their clothes.

    Although its inherent features remain the same, it has developed to cater to everyone around the globe now. Since its appearance in the British aristocracy, this sofa radiates class.

    Moreover, the modern variants are adaptable to any decor. House of Bling’s Blue French Velvet Grand Chesterfield or Harrington Chesterfield Sofa sets are two pieces from our exquisite collection.
chesterfield sofa for living room
  • Rochester:If you’re looking for a contemporary, high-back sofa set that lights up your living room, then our Rochester collection is what you seek. From durable stuffed cushions to its elegant fabric, its popularity is apparent. With ample space and a comforting experience, it's a suitable choice for families and bachelors alike.

    At House Of Bling, you can find a wide range of Rochesters in different colours. Our Navy Blue Rochester Sofa is bound to be an attractive presence. If you’re looking for a corner sofa, then our Pebble, Mustard, or Forest Green Rochester may just be for you.
rochester sofa for living room


If you are moving into your new home or thinking about revamping your current living room, then House of Bling has you covered. From traditional elegance to modern suave, we contain everything you’ll need for a fresh look.