5 Tips to Make Cinema Couches Fit Your Home Theatre Aesthetic

When setting up a home theatre, having an excellent sound system, a large flat screen, and other accessories but not the comfortable seating to enjoy your movie or TV show will eventually ruin your theatre experience at home. A more than an hour-long movie on uncomfortable seating that hurts your back is the last thing you want on your fun movie day.

To enjoy the theatre experience at home, below are some tips to consider for making cinema couches fit your home theatre aesthetic.

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  1. The Room Size

    As a homeowner, buying cinema couches for your home theatre is determined by one of the main factors, that is, the size of the theatre room. The kind of couches you buy will depend on how much space is available to fit in the furniture and the number of seats you require. You don’t want the couches to cramp and congest one another. Knowing the room size will help you decide the type of couches suitable according to the available space.

  2. Number Of People You Want to Accommodate

    The number of people you will be entertaining for your home theatre will determine the number of seats you will have to purchase and the kind of layout for your room. If you are looking to host many people, get a setup with ample seating space, while if you have a smaller room, intimate seating space will be a viable option to make the most out of your room.

  3. The Sofa Placement

    The seating arrangement is another vital point for creating the best theatre experience. The seats should not be too close to the screen since it is unhealthy for the eyes, and no one wants the movie to be in their face. Also, do not forget the distance to the back wall for your recliners. Allow your couches to have enough room to recline without pushing the seat back into the wall. And if you have a tight seating space, then space-saving couches can be a better choice.

    If you’re designing a home theatre for multiple viewers, ensure to arrange the sofas in an arc to limit neck twisting and turning; to watch the screen, optimize the comfort for the viewers. Strategically design the layout of your home theatre to provide the best possible view and audibility to all the individuals.

    Have a look at Thomas Linear Luxury Sofas from House of Bling for your theatrical experience.

  4. Theatre Seats Material

    Comfort is crucial when sitting in one place for a prolonged time. Your home theatre should be designed as such to enhance your movie experience and let you have a pleasurable time with your friends or family in pure comfort. You will need high-quality chairs that provide the necessary elements to fulfil your requirements.

    There are many options available for the material of theatre seating, but leather is the most popular amongst them. It is soft, durable, easy to clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of colours and with different qualities. Polyurethane or bonded leather comes at an affordable price range and is resistant to scratches or pet damage. Seats made with faux leather or vinyl are easy to clean. Spills and accidents may happen too, so ensure that you can easily care for your furniture.

    Fabric is also a good option for your theatre seats. They are generally affordable and are available in many more colours and patterns than leather. Research and choose your seat materials to accommodate your personal needs in the best possible way for your home theatre.

  5. Accessories

    Many accessories can help you upgrade your home theatre. Seats with a storage area to keep your remote or other related items, a tray for snacks, and a holder for beverages, to give you convenience. Seats also have technological features to charge your devices or a massage feature for your relaxation.

    Seats with different amenities are available to complement your home decor and lifestyle. Assess your entertaining needs and budget to make the right decision in buying the seats suitable for your home theatre.

    The Viva Luxury Cinema Sofa can be a good option for this. They’re manufactured with French and Luxury velvet and is also available in Bouclé fabric to give you an entirely royal experience right in your home cinema. Moreover, they’re equipped with removable cup holders, so you don’t have to worry about clean-up all the time.


If you love going to the cinema frequently then a home theatre can be a good investment. In situations when you are home bound and want to have a fun time with your friends or families, having the luxury of your cinema at home will come in handy. Enjoy having a beautiful movie experience at home with your loved ones. The above tips can help bring the cinema to your home!