The Difference Between Bespoke Sofas and Standard Sofas

The style we own reflects our identity. There are many ways we display our style. The way we carry ourselves and our fashion may be one way to do it, another way is through our home. Our homes are more than the space to sleep, eat and laugh with family and friends. The design of our home space reflects our style to anyone who enters it. While styling a home has many aspects, one way is through the furniture that resides in it, which reflects an individual style.

Furniture is an important feature of any home. It is what makes it a living place. From the bed we sleep in, the table we eat around, or a sofa to lounge on. Furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can go to any furniture store to get flatpack furniture that is one of the millions of the same things. While nothing is wrong with that, it is not the only way to go.

If you want to showcase your taste in furniture, then time to get bespoke furniture. What is bespoke and standard furniture? And the difference between these two types of furniture? Let us dive into it.

Standard Sofas

These sofas are mass-market, mass-manufactured, and mass-purchased. They are the sofas you buy in a flat pack and are made by a standardized process using the same products or fabric and standard dimensions with varied colours. Hence, it is not a unique piece of furniture.

Bespoke Sofas

Bespoke sofas are handmade sofas that have been custom-made to suit a specific purpose. You are a designer of your furniture, from deciding on the dimensions, fabric, finish, colour, and every little or big detail about it. The joy of having bespoke furniture is the uniqueness you get as it is personalized.

Bespoke Sofas and Standard Sofas

A sofa is a central piece of your living space. A living room is incomplete without a sofa. A comfortable sofa that looks and feels incredible gives a welcoming feeling to the room.

Nowadays, choosing a sofa for your home is not just for a consumer. It is rather like being an interior designer of your own space. And with varieties to choose from, the designs, colours, fabric, cost, and dimensions, a bespoke sofa is about mixing and matching different elements to create one perfect piece for yourself. Now that you can have an individual style, why should you settle for anything less?

Many customers tend to buy furniture with standard dimensions and fabrics, but there can be good reasons to consider buying something with shape, size, and style best suited for your needs. 

When buying a standard sofa, you might have to compromise if you cannot get exactly what you’re looking for. Imagine falling in love with a design of a sofa only to later find out that it does not fit your space. With bespoke sofas, you can choose your dimensions. 

You can either reduce its width to fit your space or increase it; so, it does not look too small in your spacious living room. One of the reasons to choose a bespoke sofa is that it can give you a better fit for your living room than a pre-made piece of furniture. 

All rooms are unique with their dimensions; you might spend a hefty price on a sofa that might not set well in your space, while a customized sofa will look and feel like it belongs there.

Bespoke furniture brings you the luxury of creating what is on your mind and what nobody else has. You will have extensive options to design one of a kind, reflecting your personality through that piece. There are many other features that you can add as per your taste. The upholstery finishing you prefer includes the type of buttoning, piping, and top stitching. They all add personality to your style. 

With a range of colours, materials or shapes, and sizes you can choose from, you can also opt for something friendly to your family. Like going for a hypoallergic material or dark stain-friendly fabric that is easy to clean to prevent kids from ruining your newly bought sofa. 

Perhaps you are looking for any cushions that support your neck or a bad back. Customization can help create a comfortable, trendy design that caters to your health too. 

 It is fair to say that a bespoke sofa will cost a little more than a standard sofa. But there’s no denying the longevity that you will get from building a sofa that suits your space, taste, and budget and will give you a return on investment. A sofa is that central piece of your room worth spending on to get what you want and what you need from it.


The final piece of the puzzle between choosing a bespoke sofa or a standard sofa is simple yet pertinent. No matter what it is, a bespoke sofa is what your mind imagines, and what your home requires. 

There are a few things in life that offer you this, one of which is that you can sleep on, sit on, or eat around. A bespoke sofa is a chance for you to give a unique touch to your home, with a personalized style.