5 Benefits of TV Beds to Convince You Why You Need One

 benefits of tv beds

Is there a new movie at the box office you have been waiting to watch, but your lounge Sofa is too uncomfortable to sit in? After a long tiring week at work, everyone deserves a break in which they can enjoy, in the comfort of their home but feel like they are living in the lap of luxury. Imagine that your favorite show released a brand-new season on Netflix, and you have been waiting to binge-watch the episodes on the weekend, but your lounge is too noisy to listen, or the sofa set always gives you a backache.

If you have decided to click on this article, you might either know what TV beds are, or you’re here to find out. TV beds are normal beds, except with a higher footboard that holds your television. In short, a TV bed is a type of bed with a TV built in to give you the ultimate modern experience.

If you are someone who prefers comfort and luxury with convenience, TV Beds should be your next buy but first, let’s look at five reasons why TV beds can be a great addition to your home and your bedroom. These will also answer some of the most frequent questions that people have in mind before buying beds in general and TV beds to be more specific.

Small room? TV beds save space

TV beds do not just open a door to experience everyday luxurious comfort at a fraction of the cost but are also a great way to save up space. Consider the space taken up by a TV stand in a small room in addition to a bed and dressing table. TV beds provide a perfect remedy for this problem as it serves a two-in-one function: as a bed and also incorporate a compartment for your TV.

Moreover, House of Bling offers two options for the base for the TV bed. The standard base is fixed in place, but the Ottoman Storage Gas Lift base guarantees a convenient functioning. Once you lift the base of the bed, it gives you easy access to the space underneath it which would go wasted otherwise. This space can be used in many ways, including keeping storage boxes for shoes that are not of daily wear or clothes that are out of season. These boxes will remain undiscovered and not take up any extra space in the room.

Too many wires? TV beds hide them

Wall-mounted TVs and TVs kept on stands often come with one problem: the wires. If the switchboard is at a distance, this will also comprise wires of the extension. The entangled wires are not only a nuisance but also look unpleasant to the eye.

Most TV beds come with storage space to hold these wires so that you no longer have to worry about them when the guests come over to your house uninformed. No wires in sight also make it safer for everyone at home, but especially for toddlers. Storage beds also have sufficient space to customize or install a speaker system for a more original experience than that of a cinema.

Cost Efficient

Even before you set out to buy a TV, you would have to think about where and how you would place it in your room. Will it be mounted on the wall, or will you have to look for a TV stand and spend additional money on it? If you have to match the stand with the theme of the room, you might also have to customize it to match the other furniture. This is not only time-consuming but also cost inefficient which is where TV beds come in the picture. TV beds can effectively minimize the cost and hassle of investing in a TV. They serve a dual function and double the joy with a perfect compartment to hold the TV.

Ease and Comfort

Perhaps the most salient feature of a TV bed is the guarantee of comfort it comes with. At house of bling, customers can choose from up to thirteen fabrics that are of the highest quality. These fabrics are designed to grant an experience of luxury to the consumers of TV beds in London. It has never been this convenient to watch TV before. Staying up to date with the first news of the day, and going to bed with a peaceful mind after watching your favorite TV series is only a dream come true for many. On a cold night, watching TV in bed with your cozy blanket is an experience in itself.

Theme of the bedroom

The aesthetic of your room can be greatly compromised with a limited range of colors TVs come in. Imagine placing a black TV on a blue wall in a room that follows a blue theme. Most people do not think about the TV color because there is not much they can do about it. However, with the availability of TV beds in the market, you can certainly think about aligning everything with your theme. No matter what the color of the TV frame is, it will never interfere with the theme of the room. In fact, with a wide range of options for fabric and frame of the bed, your bedroom can be revamped by bringing in a TV bed.

If you have recently shifted to a new home and are looking to redesign your bedrooms, or you are bored of the orthodox bed designs and are in desperate need of a change, you should think about investing in a TV bed. At House of Bling, these TV beds come in four sizes. TVs as wide as 43 inches can fit in the TV bed king-size while the super king TV bed can accommodate a 48-inch-wide TV, too. We understand the needs of our customers for which we also provide installation at a nominal cost.