Top Trending Bedside Table Decorating Ideas

Bedrooms are perhaps among the most frequently used areas in any household. They can be addressed as the rooms where people visit to find solace and rest. A room of such importance deserves to be decorated well enough that it gives you instant relief and pleasure the moment you enter it. The table beside your bed is a great way to start the decorations. If you want to give your room a new makeover, there are some bedside table decorating ideas to help you in this regard.

We have compiled a list of some bedside table decorating ideas that can help you transform your bedroom.

Popular Bedside Table Decorating Ideas

If you are wondering how to decorate a bedside table, our list can help you in this regard. Bedroom decorations hold paramount value as it is the room people choose to rest in. A cluttered room cannot offer peace and do more damage than good. Similarly, a well-decorated room helps you relax and is better for your mental health.

You can start the decorations with the bedside table. There are several accessories you can add to the bedside table. These accessories and decoration pieces can help bring out the beauty of the room without becoming too prominent. Listed below are some bedside table decorating ideas to help you improvise.

Decorating Your Bedside Table With Plants

Adding plants to your bedside table can instantly give your room a fresh, clean feel. You can use your plant to decorate in several ways:

  • Place the plant right on top of your table. Although this may be the most obvious way to decorate your table with plants, it can have a big impact.
  • Place the plant on the table’s surface beside the items that are already on the table. This allows the plant to remain visible while still giving you room to keep your glasses, books, and other items.
  • Hang your plant from the bedside table. If your table has a shelf, you can easily hang your plant from there. Hanging your plant from the table can help it to stand out even more.

Decorate With Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows is also among the great bedside table decorating ideas. Throw pillows are a great way to add colour and texture to any room. You can find them in many different patterns and colours, allowing you to pick the one that best matches your room’s theme and existing décor. Make sure that you purchase pillows that are the right size for your table. This can help them to stand out even more.

Additionally, you can switch out your pillows based on the season, holiday, or any other special occasion. This table décor will help you create a fresh and new look again. If you have an oversized bedside table, you may want to consider purchasing two smaller pillows as opposed to one large one. This will help to balance the table and create a more even look.

Add Some Colour to the Shelf

If you have a wooden or metal shelf beside your bedside table, you can use it to add some colour to your room. Simply place a few small items on your shelf that match the colour scheme of your room. The shelf will easily blend in with the rest of your room, helping to add a pop of colour without taking away from the rest of your décor.

While you want to keep the items small, it’s okay to go a bit bolder with the colour scheme than you would on the table itself. This is because the shelf sits lower than the table, allowing others to see it while they walk by your bedroom door. The colourful shelves can be the game-changer for your bedside table styling.

Add a Lamp or Small Chandelier

If you have a small table that is close to the ground, consider adding a lamp to the table. This will help to lift the table and make it stand out more. You can also place a small chandelier on the table if you want to make it more noticeable.

For a table with a shelf, you can place your lamp or chandelier there. This will help to bring attention to the table itself while also highlighting the shelf. The items on the shelf will be visible and easy to reach. The addition of lamps and chandeliers is known to be among the great bedside table decorating ideas that can make an instant impact.

Hanging a Framed Picture

Wondering what to put on the bedside table? Framed photos can just be the right fit. If you have a small table beside your bed, you can use it to frame a small picture. Simply find a picture that you love and find a frame to go with it that fits on your table. This can be especially helpful if your table is very close to the ground. If your table has a shelf, you can display the frame there.

Simply make sure that the frame isn’t too large and that it doesn’t block the items on the shelf. This is a great way to add a pop of colour and a personal touch to your room.

This was all we had in our bedside table decorating ideas. Bedside tables are a great addition to any bedroom. They allow you to keep your items close by while also giving your room a bit of personality. There are tons of different ways that you can decorate your bedside table. From using plants to framing a picture, many different options allow you to make your table stand out. Follow these bedside table decorating ideas and go for the option best suited to your budget and liking and enhance your bedroom experience.

Stay tuned for more room decoration tips.