Add Bling to Your Furniture Space - A 2022 Trends Guide

Bedrooms serve as your private sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. It is one of the most essential rooms in the home, integral to our well-being, to reset ourselves after a tiring day. A bedroom is a world away from all the potentially busy households. It deserves to be decorated to create a positive and peaceful place where you can feel good, cosy, and recharge yourself.

Let us look at the top trends of 2022 to add bling to our furniture space and create the bedroom of our dreams.

  1. Bedroom Colour Ideas and Trends

    Colours affect our mood, so one should choose the right colours for the bedroom space where you come to rest your head after a long day. You want your bedroom environment to be tranquil, calming, and aesthetically attractive. The right colours will help you bring a good feeling to your bedroom and give it a stylish look.

    Someone who prefers neutral tones like grey and white should pair it with muted pastel shades such as pink, blue, and green. For those who like to have a darker tone, go with earthy shades like brown or beige to create a warm atmosphere. Vibrant colours, like yellow or red with subtle hues, in contrast, can help you bring some energy into the room.

    In terms of the latest trends, bolder shades are gaining popularity as bedroom colours. Reports note that orange, caramel, mossy green, and burgundy were the popular shades. You may incorporate warm shades on beddings or walls for a burst of colours. There has been an inclination towards dimensional colours to create more depth.

  2. Headboards

    Headboards are a must-have decor trend of 2022. A uniquely shaped, tufted, and upholstered headboard with an outlandish style can be a focal point of your bedroom. Upholstered headboards not only add depth to your bedroom, but the layering of softness also adds comfort when you wind down for the day. A standout headboard with an elaborate pattern and a luxurious fabric like leather or suede can add an element of luxury to any bedroom.

    A statement headboard, exceptional in its design, is becoming a rising trend for 2022. It is an inexpensive way of transforming your bedroom. These days people are not looking for any standard traditional headboard. The requirement is a headboard with unique and complex shapes that draws your eyes immediately when you enter the room.

  3. Seating Areas in Bedroom

    People are now spending more and more time in their bedrooms. It is not only a place to sleep, but the increasing remote work has also sparked the need for alternative seating space in the bedroom.

    Bedroom seating has been increasingly in demand regardless of whether the room is small or spacious. A small comfortable chair or a beanbag for a smaller room and an entire dedicated seating area with sofas in a luxurious spaced bedroom makes it multifunctional while the relaxed seating brings a real sense of comfort and luxury to a bedroom space.

  4. Ottoman Beds

    Ottoman beds are gaining popularity again in 2022. The extra storage with the bed comes in handy when looking for space-saving furniture for your smaller rooms. People struggling for that extra space in the bedrooms can find the Ottoman beds great with their hidden storage space and drawers to fit in their stuff. These beds can be customized to an individual taste and need. The colours prominent for Ottoman beds in 2022 are mink, grey, blue, and purple.e beds can be customized to an individual taste and need. The colours prominent for Ottoman beds in 2022 are mink, grey, blue, and purple.

  5. Bring In the Nature

    Nature always helps bring calm to our minds. Bringing some plants in your bedroom is trending even more now than before. It helps invite energy and freshness.

    Plants have decorative potential in the bedroom while also adding to pleasing aesthetics. Plants have physical and mental well-being benefits; incorporating this trend into your bedroom will give you health benefits, remove pollutants and add beauty to your bedroom space. We need our bedrooms as a space of zen, beauty, and relaxation.

  6. Bold Stripes

    Bold stripes are becoming a statement design for interior decorators. Stripes are incorporated into bedroom designs more boldly. The more creative you can be with them, the better. The bold patterns are a popular trend in 2022.

    Stripes can be used in a lot of ways to suit your décor. The vertical tall stripe on walls draws the eye upwards making the room appear taller and creating the illusion of higher ceilings, while the horizontal stripes make your room look wider and create a striking result. You can never go wrong with stripes. They give a classic update to your interior. So, to accentuate the height or width of your room, choose the stripes according to your preference.


There are a lot of trends that can help you transform your space and give it a luxurious look. 2022 is all about exceptional styles never seen before. So, play around with new and unique trends and choose the décor that gives you the most comfort and adds a beautiful chic style to your furniture space and order the style you need from House of Bling.